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Chiles banner assistance provider LAN has been in the air since 1929. The commercial airline increased to offer both home and worldwide solutions from Santiago and its record has been one of stable development and great assistance requirements. Until 2004 the airline was known as LAN Chile but shorter it to LAN as the airline obtained subsidiaries throughout Latina the United States. In 1989 the govt privatised the airline and it is now listed on the New York and Santiago stock exchanges.

Nordic service provider SAS is the biggest investors but has little said in day to day functions. LAN has lately been distributing its pizza and now has subsidiaries in Argentina, Peru, Ecuador and the Dominican Republic offering both home and worldwide services from each location. They are the only airline traveling to legendary Easter Island. In 2007 LAN obtained the unusual variation of suffering from a near forget with a meteor over the Hawaiian Beach. LAN is more than a Chilean airline as they also have comprehensive home solutions within Ecuador, Peru, Argentina and the Dominican rebublic Republic with more to go by in Colombia. They also operate international flights from Chile and all their additional nations. LAN goes throughout the relax of Latina The united states and has routes to several US cities,Madrid, Sydney and Auckland. LAN provides the best relationships between Australia/New Zealand and all of Southern region the United States through their Santiago hub.

In a place famous for offering terrible ground service, LAN does a good job and is different. Personnel are wearing a very nice consistent, well mannered, effective and luggage transactions are performed easily. Chiles luggage handlers are team when compared to their co-workers in other nations who seem to have been hired immediately from prisons. Baggage robbery and mishandling happens throughout Southern region the United States, but generally not in Chile.

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